'Good Samaritans' cheat woman out of cash, jewels

'Good Samaritans' cheat woman out of cash, jewels

In a quick sleight of hand, two men cheated a 58-year-old woman out of cash and jewellery by pretending to help her up when she tripped, police said. 

Savithramma K V had retrieved the rings from her bank locker and withdrawn the cash for a marriage in the family and was heading home when the incident occurred. 

The duo riding on a two-wheeler stole her vanity bag containing seven rings and Rs 25,000 in cash in a quick sleight of hand while pretending to help her catch her balance. 

"She had withdrawn the money from Indian Bank and had taken a BMTC bus to return home. She got off at the last stop in Anjanapura and was walking the last mile. There are no CCTV cameras in the area and it's difficult to say if she was being followed," said a senior officer from the Thalaghattapura police station where a case of cheating has been registered. The duo may have acted irrespective of the woman's fall, he added. 

Police are looking up registered offenders to track down the suspects.