IAF corporal booked for assaulting policeman

IAF corporal booked for assaulting policeman

A 29-year-old Indian Air Force corporal was arrested for assaulting a traffic cop with a boot in an inebriated state.

The former was involved in a road accident near Shushrusha Hospital on BB road in Yelahanka Wednesday.

Accused Apurva, works at the Yelahanka Air Base. He was returning home drunk in his car as he knocked down a motorcycle rider around 5.30 pm.

Passersby gathered and vented their ire on Apurva who tried to misbehave with them. In the melee, he sustained injuries. Traffic constable Adevappa sent both the injured to the hospital and alerted the control room.

Police sub-inspector Shivaputrappa Magoda, on patrolling duty, rushed to the spot and later went to the hospital to make inquiries. Apurva was already having heated arguments with the family members of the motorcycle rider.

Fed up with his behaviour and in order to maintain law and order in the hospital, the doctors advised the cops to detain Apurva.

As the cops insisted that Apurva should accompany them to the station, he became furious and abused them daring to touch him, saying he is a military man.

When the police tried to reason further, Apurva hit one of the them with his boot. Magoda with the help of his subordinate pinned Apurva down.

A Hoysala patrol vehicle arrived and bundled Apurva to the station. Based on a complaint filed by PSI Magoda, the corporal was booked for criminal assault on government servants obstructing them from discharging their duties among other sections. Apurva was arrested, produced before a court and was handed over to the IAF police for further investigation.