Losing marks cards proves costly to this engineer

Losing marks cards proves costly to this engineer

The trauma of losing education certificates 12 years ago came back to haunt this junior engineer of KPTCL. The person who had stumbled on his certificates had not only misused them to get a job but also to avail a personal loan.

The fraud came to light only after the victim, Sri Kiran S N, did not get his salary. On verification, he learnt that he had defaulted the loan due to which his salary was withheld.

When shocked Kiran visited the bank, he found that someone impersonated his documents and created fake voter ID and PAN card. The person had also created a salary account and KYC (know your customer). On further query, he found that the man had used his missing education certificate and got a job in a private firm.

Kiran has filed a complaint with the Peenya police seeking legal action against the impersonator, who is working with the private firm in Peenya using his certificates.

Kiran, who is working in Shivanasamudra zone, lost his SSLC and Diploma certificates in August 2007 while on the way to Chandapur in a bus. He had then filed a complaint with the Anekal police.

However, the accused, who found the certificates, submitted them to get a voter Id and PAN card and to avail the bank loan.

The police are on the lookout for the accused based on the details provided by the bank.