Man 'murders father's abuser'

Man 'murders father's abuser'

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A 38-year-old man was murdered, allegedly by the son of a man he is said to have abused during a Ganesha procession. 

Chalapathi, a resident of Ambedkar Nagar, had allegedly quarrelled with the father of one Murali during the Ganesha procession last week. The matter started with an argument and reached the police station. Police settled the matter by brokering a compromise. 

Murali, however, vowed revenge and waited for an opportunity. On Friday morning, as Chalapathi reached his engineering workshop, Murali and his associates trooped in and hacked him to death before fleeing, police said, adding that they were hunting for the suspects. 

Peace broker killed

A 50-year-old woman died while trying to intervene in a couple’s fight. 

Lalithamma was the neighbour of Manjunath, a daily wage worker, who lives with his wife at Janatha Colony in JJ Nagar, West Bengaluru. 

Police said Manjunath would come home drunk every day and beat his wife. On Thursday, too, he beat her when she refused to give him money. Hearing the trouble, Lalithamma got up from the bed and went to rescue the woman. As she entered Manjunath’s house, he was about to hurl a big stone at his wife. The stone missed the target and hit Lalithamma, seriously wounding her. She later died in a hospital.  The JJ Nagar police arrested Manjunath.