Man robbed by gang on deserted road

Man robbed by gang on deserted road

A group of four armed men allegedly robbed a private firm employee when he was returning home after collecting Rs 37,500 from his customers in southern Bengaluru on Friday night, police said. 

Vijay Kumar, of Srinivasanagar, was waylaid by four men riding two bikes on a deserted Girinagar Main Road around 10.15 pm. One of them first asked him for Rs 100, saying he had run out of petrol and was short on cash. 

Kumar sensed trouble and tried to sneak out, saying he had no money. But the gang surrounded him. One of them pulled out a knife and demanded that he hand over his mobile phone and wallet. 

When Kumar tried to resist, the man with the knife threatened to rob him after stabbing him repeatedly. Fearing for his life, Kumar handed over the wallet and the phone. The gang sped off in no time. 

Kumar later filed a police complaint. Police are reviewing the CCTV footage to identify the gang.