Police cracks Alliance University ex-VC's murder

Police cracks Alliance University ex-VC's murder

Former Vice chancellor of Alliance University.

A day after the murder of the former Vice Chancellor of Alliance University Dr Ayappa Dore, the city police, in a swift action, arrested Sudhir Angur (57), the Chancellor of the university for hiring contract killers (supari killing) for Rs 1 crore to eliminate Dore. He even had plans to murder his own brother Madhukar Angur with whom he has several civil disputes for winning over the ownership of the university.

The RT Nagar police have arrested Sudhir Angur and his associate Suraj Singh for murdering Dore at the HMT Ground in RT Nagar on Tuesday night. The police team are yet to nab four of the assailants who executed the murder.

Investigation and inquiries into the murder so far revealed Sudhir had appointed Suraj Singh as an executive at the reception in the University four months ago and had since then started planning for eliminating both his brother Madhukar Angur and former Vice Chancellor Dore. Suraj's job as an executive at the University was to follow Madhukar Angur and his loyal members where ever they go, whomever they meet and also was asked to observe their daily routines. Suraj over the past one and half months had been following both Madhukar and Dore whereever they went and studying their routines, said city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao. He then roped in his other four associates who did not have any criminal background and planned to execute two murders for Rs 1 crore which was promised by Sudhir, Rao added. Rao also said that Sudhir had consulted a city-based advocate who was remotely involved in the murder by way of conspiracy, plans and legal advice.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the dispute between the two brothers were over the ownership of the Educational Institution for which as many as 25 civil dispute cases were pending before various courts against each other, a senior police officer said. For now, the case regarding the ownership was before the Registrar Of Companies (ROC) and a recent order from the ROC was in favour of Madhukar. Realizing that Sudhir could not claim ownership of the institution, he could have planned out the murder, the police suspect.

The murder was cracked based on CCTV footage and Call Details Records (CDR) analysis. Rao had announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for the police team which detected it within 24 hours. The assailants hacked Dore so brutally that he had sustained 17 deep cut injuries on his body, said Rao. Soon after Dore's murder, the city police provided security to Madhukar Angur and efforts are on to identify the advocate who was in touch with Sudhir for the murder conspiracy and the four other contract killers.

"I am in a state of shock that my own brother could go to such an extent. Both I and Ayappa had a feeling that some days we were being followed by a car," said Madhukar Angur.