‘Road rage’: Auto driver assaults wing commander

‘Road rage’: Auto driver assaults wing commander

A 46-year-old Air Force wing commander was assaulted by an auto-rickshaw driver and two others over road rage in Indiranagar.

The incident happened on May 4 but came to light after a complaint was filed.

V S Rao, a resident of the Air Force Officers Enclave in CV Raman Nagar was assaulted on May 4. Indiranagar police have lodged an FIR and are searching for the absconding accused.

Rao and his wife were travelling in their car on the 100 feet Road in Indiranagar on May 4.

Around 5.30, an auto-rickshaw driver, stopped their car, parking the auto-rickshaw in the middle of the road. Rao got down to inquire. The auto driver abused Rao claiming the latter was driving rash, subsequently picking up a quarrel, assaulting Rao. Other two accomplices aged 20-25, sitting in the auto, also started abusing Rao.

Police are examining the CCTV footage. "We traced the auto's registration and sent it to the RTO. Accused are not at the address. All three will be arrested soon," he said.