Suresh Raina fan booked for security breach

Suresh Raina fan booked for security breach

A 22-year-old fan of cricketer Suresh Raina was arrested for a security breach during the IPL match on April 21.

Arun Kumar, a college student, was booked for criminal trespass. He was later released on bail.

Kumar entered Chinnaswamy stadium, sneaking in through the corporate gate, a thoroughfare for cricketers.

As Suresh Raina passed by, Kumar jumped the grill gates and fell on Raina’s feet. Panic struck as Raina got confused as to what was happening, prompting the security to rush to his side. Immediately, they bundled Kumar away for questioning.

Kumar told the police that he wanted to meet Raina in person at least once in his life. A case was slapped on Kumar.