Swimming coach arrested for stealing gold jewellery

Swimming coach arrested for stealing gold jewellery

A 26-year-old swimming coach has been arrested by KP Agrahara police for stealing gold jewellery from his student’s house in Cholarapalya in Magadi Main Road a year ago.

Police recovered 506 grams of gold jewellery from Renuka Prasad from the 608 grams he stole. Prasad is a resident of KP Agrahara.

D M Manjunath (58), the businessman father of Prasad’s student, filed a complaint on January 24, stating that he had gone to a temple in Tamil Nadu with his family on February 22, 2019. When they returned, they found the jewellery missing from the almirah at home, although the almirah door and the house front door were intact.

Manjunath did not approach the police, fearing they would question his family. But 10 days ago, when a mobile phone went missing, family members were certain that Prasad was the only visitor. They filed a complaint against him regarding both incidents.

Police said Prasad frequented the house since he was coaching Manjunath’s son. During one such visit, he stole a spare key from the house. When the family was out on the trip, he opened the house using the key.

Prasad was able to steal the jewellery easily as the family forgot to lock the almirah. Prasad pledged it with gold finance companies and used the money to party and on women, police said.