Two techies allege sex abuse

Two techies allege sex abuse

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Two software engineers have gone to the police with complaints of sexual harassment. 

While one complainant accused a former classmate, another victim pointed the finger at a colleague. 

The Sadashivanagar police have booked one Abhishek Balu for sexual harassment and stalking following a complaint from a 26-year-old software engineer on July 24. The woman alleged that Babu had been stalking her for the past six years, seeking sexual favours. 

The woman studied biotechnology at a government college where Balu was her classmate. She said Balu had been calling, texting and sending her e-mails, demanding a physical relationship. She said that when she ignored him, he started stalking her by collecting the contact details of her family, friends and colleagues. She said he also threatened to give details of her personal life to her family. 

In the other incident, a 22-year-old software engineer working at an MNC has accused a colleague of sexual harassment. She stated that the colleague blackmailed her with private photographs. She has filed a complaint at the Whitefield police station.