Woman critical after jumping off pub's 4th floor

Woman critical after jumping off pub's 4th floor

The woman being treated at a private hospital.

The Bengaluru City Police efforts to ‘control the nightlife’ in Bengaluru with regular raids on pubs and restaurants under the administration of the new police commissioner has ended up in a tragedy. Gripped by the fear of police raids, a young girl, while trying to escape, jumped from the fourth floor of an upscale pub on Residency Road and sustained critical injuries. 

The incident which occurred late Thursday night (July 25) came to light on Saturday. The woman, aged about 23 years, is battling for life in a private hospital. Going on an overdrive on orders from their top brass in recent times, the police have been conducting frequent raids on pubs and dance bars of Bengaluru.

According to sources, the police late Thursday night raided three upscale pubs and bars on Residency Road and Brigade Road in Ashoknagar police station limits.

As the raids were under progress, the young woman scared of police action, jumped from the fourth floor. She landed on the pub’s portico and sustained severe injuries on her head and suffered multiple fractures.

Sources also said the girl was administered first aid on the spot and later rushed to a private hospital. Sources in the pub circuit revealed that she is severely injured and battling for life in the ICU.

Meanwhile, some partygoers have criticised the police for treating party-going youngsters as criminals and opined that these actions would dent the city’s image of having a peaceful nightlife.

When DH repeatedly contacted Ashoknagar police for details on the incident, inspector Shashidhara denied any such incident in his police station limits though DH confronted him with photographs.