Woman tries to kill herself after kin 'steal' Rs 30L

Woman tries to kill herself after kin 'misappropriate' Rs 30L

Representative image. Credit: iStock.

A 30-year-old woman tried to kill herself in front of her son on Sunday after learning that her own family had misappropriated her savings of Rs 30 lakh, police said. 

Fathima, a resident of Neelasandra, had worked in Dubai as a housekeeper and returned to Bengaluru two months ago. She had saved Rs 30 lakh in a bank account and given the ATM to her mother.

Before going to Dubai, Fathima had a second marriage and left her two sons from the first husband in the care of her mother, Rafiqa, who lives in Gangondanahalli, off Mysuru Road. Fathima's husband lives in Neelasandra. After working in Dubai for four years, Fathima saved Rs 30 lakh. 

But when she checked the bank balance upon her return to Bengaluru, she was shocked to find the money was gone. When she confronted her family — mother Rafiqa, brother Jaffar, elder sister Ayesha and sister-in-law Sameena — they told her all the money had been spent on her children and their education. 

Fathima's police complaint didn't help much. On the contrary, her family allegedly beat her up for dragging them to the police station. 

Fathima was so upset by it that she made a selfie video with her nine-year-old son at her home in Neelasandra on Sunday. In the video, she kisses him on the forehead and consumes a poison. The boy, however, rushed to neighbours, who intervened and took her to Bowring hospital. She is recovering now. 

Police are investigating the case.