Bengaluru hospital's new tech to stop recurrent stroke

Bengaluru hospital's new tech to stop recurrent stroke


Representative image of Manipal Hospitals.

In a first, the doctors at the Manipal Hospitals used advanced technology to prevent recurrent stroke in a 90-year-old patient.

According to doctors, the primary reason for stroke is atrial fibrillation — a condition where the upper chambers of the heart (atrium) does not contract, allowing stagnation of blood resulting in the formation of clot. This clot can travel to any part of the body and block the blood supply to the brain, leading to a stroke.

Dr Ranjan Shetty, HOD, Cardiology, used the technique to prevent the formation of clots in the patient and seal a part of his heart. Dr Shetty said the patient came with a history of recurrent stroke and background of atrial fibrillation. Considering his condition, he was placed on blood thinners, to reduce the risk of stroke, due to which he developed serious complications.

“The patient was undergoing bouts of bleeding in the skin and urine. His condition was critical as trivial wounds could lead to bleeding and was catastrophic if it occurred in the brain. So the blood thinners had to be stopped completely,” Shetty said.

He explained that while on one hand, blood thinners are required to prevent clot formation, on the other hand, it can cause major bleeding episodes.