Cubbon Park pets rules lost in translation 

Cubbon Park pets rules lost in translation 

Morning walkers and visitors to the Cubbon Park are stunned to see the new pet rules from the Horticulture Department requiring to strap the pets with mouth pads when they are taken for a walk. 

They found some of the message translated into English and pasted on a park board along with the Kannada version objectionable. Many found the pictorial representations accompanying the message unacceptable. 

Besides the usual rules of keeping the animals on a leash while walking and cleaning their excrements, authorities have also asked pet parents to strap mouth pads on them, leaving them in shock and dismay. 

Animal activist Priya Chetty-Rajagopal said the department was working on rephrasing the statement. “We’ve requested them not to force the pets to wear the mouth pads while walking in the park,” she said. 

Another pet parent from Cunningham Road said: “It’s not fair to assume that every dog will be okay with being muzzled all the time. When trained properly, they will be fine without the mouth pad. It’s not fair to force this on the pet as long as the parent is taking care of them in public places.” 

Deputy director of horticulture (Cubbon Park) J Gunavantha said the rules have always been the same but the walkers are noticing them only now. “We were told some of the translations need to be corrected. We’re working on it. But visitors to the park must follow the rules.” 

A picture accompanying the rules showed that walkers must suit up completely with PPEs while walking the pets inside the park, something that was widely discussed in the pet parents’ groups. 

“It’s just a representation made since winter is around the corner,” Gunavantha clarified. “There’s no need to wear PPE suits, but masks are compulsory.”