Cubbon Park to get 65 recharge wells

Cubbon Park to get 65 recharge wells

The monsoon showers this year will be a boon to Bengaluru's prime lung space, Cubbon Park, as the park will get around 65 shallow wells to recharge the already revived open wells.

As many as seven old open wells were revived in Cubbon Park to recharge groundwater two years ago. After identifying the potential of these wells, the horticulture department with help from private firms and NGOs had revived them. Now, to recharge them, the department will dig up 65 shallow recharging pits/wells at a depth of 13 to 16 ft.

The source of the well is an aquifer — an underground layer of permeable soil that contains water and allows its passage. As the rain has already begun, officials and water experts are hoping the wells will do good to the park.

India Cares Foundation is the enabler NGO supporting the cause as a part of the 'Million Wells' campaign for water security and sustainability of Bengaluru.

"The current water facility at the park is not enough for it to sustain. The horticulture department uses treated water from a 1.5 MLD sewage treatment plant in the park and the remaining from the supply from the BWSSB. But this water is not enough. Hence, the recharge pits are necessary," said Shubha Ramachandran, water team head, BIOME Environmental Trust, which launched the campaign along with Friends of Lakes, a lake protection group.

Another expert opined that recharge pits may generate more than 80,000 litres of water a day in future, and the park can sustain if the demand for water doesn’t increase.

Bhovi community to help

"We have identified around 500 families in the city from the Bhovi community, who are traditionally associated with the well-digging job known as 'Mannu Oddaru'. These people have been digging wells from more than a thousand years now. They know exactly how to dig and with the correct specifications," said Ram Prasad, Friends of Lakes.

Ponds to be revived

Three ponds in the park, including Karagada Kunte, Lotus Pond and the one behind the Wodeyar Statue, will be revived. The newly laid paths in the park that are obstructing the flow of water will be redesigned.