DH Radio | How infra plans are taking away playgrounds

DH Radio | OUR PLAYGROUNDS, GONE! How infra projects are taking away our children's playgrounds

A view of one of Bengaluru's many playgrounds in Mahalakshmi Nagar. Credit: DH File Photo/Anup Ragh T

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In today's episode anchored by Rasheed Kappan, anthropologist Usha Rao takes us back to the lost Banda Ground, a shared open space near Shivajinagar that gave way to the Cantonment Metro Station project. 

Listen to her, as she explains how our playgrounds, a democratic space, are being blatantly encroached upon without any public consultation. 

These, she reminds, are not empty spaces but places where communities are formed, children are socialised and grow into adulthood, building enduring social bonds. 

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