MLA asks residents to segregate waste at source

MLA asks residents to segregate waste at source

Garbage is thrown empty sight at Yelahanka New Town in Bengaluru on Sunday. Photo by S K Dinesh

Rising pollution levels in Yelahanka due to poor segregation of waste has made the daily life of residents a struggle.

They complain pollution has increased due to improper waste segregation in the wards.

During the Janaspandana programme, residents said the segregation of waste is not properly taking place, which has created blackspots along the roads in all the wards of the constituency. Aggrieved residents demanded waste segregation centres on the outskirts as the centres functioning in residential areas of the wards are contributing to the pollution.

MLA Vishwanath, responding to the complaints raised by residents, said waste management has become a huge problem in the constituency. "The reason behind the problem is poor segregation at source. According to waste management rules, each ward should segregate up to 65% waste, which has not taken place so far. Due to residents not segregating waste at homes, waste dumping is still rampant in public places and roads. Though the citizens are aware of the plastic ban, plastics are still used. This is a worrying factor. Public must take part in waste segregation and follow the plastic ban to achieve better waste management at the ward level,” he said.

Moreover, rising dust along major roads in the Yelahanka constituency is spiking air pollution. Ongoing water pipeline works have dug up most roads. 

“The replacement of pipelines is on for the past six months. New water pipelines will ensure there is no leakage for the next 30 years. Instead of waiting for the entire work to finish, we will take up asphalting in phases,” said MLA Vishwanath.