The Lead: How the Carlton tragedy spurred a movement

The Lead | Trapped in a highrise fire: How the Carlton tragedy spurred a movement

A file photo of Carlton Towers in Bengaluru. Credit: DH Photo

Hello people, good morning, and welcome back to DH Radio.

For today’s episode, we have with us Mr Uday Vijayan from Beyond Carlton, a collective that has been at the forefront of high-rise fire-safety in Bengaluru for over a decade.

In many ways, the 2010 Carlton Towers fire tragedy that claimed nine lives was a big eye-opener, exposing the huge gaps in high-rise fire-safety. For Mr Uday, the fire was also a personal tragedy, having lost his son in the blaze.

But he refused to give up, and sparked a movement that eventually forced the government to amend the rules to empower the Fire Services to re-inspect high-rise buildings for fire-safety.

In conversation with Rasheed Kappan, Mr Vijay recalls those trying days and the campaign that followed. Listen in…