Bengaluru riots: State moves HC for claims commissioner

Bengaluru riots: State moves High Court for appointing claims commissioner

As many as 33 government and 109 private vehicles were completely burnt or extensively damaged. DH FILE/Pushkar V

The state government on Wednesday filed a writ petition before the high court seeking appointment of a claims commissioner for recovery of losses in the KG Halli and DJ Halli riots.

The petition stated that more than 80 police personnel were injured in the violence on the night of August 11 and the mob destroyed both public and private properties extensively.

The petition, filed in accordance with directions from the Supreme Court, was mentioned before a division bench headed by Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka. The bench will hear the matter on Thursday.

The petition quoted a 2009 Supreme Court order, which stated that in cases of mass destruction of private and public property and injury to persons due to protests and riots, the high court may issue suo motu action and appoint a claims commissioner to investigate the damage caused and award compensation by affixing liability on the perpetrators.

The apex court had directed that the state government shall prepare a report on the basis of police reports and other information that may be available and file a petition, including its report in the high court, for the court to take suo motu action. The Supreme Court directed that the high court may appoint a sitting or retired high court hudge/district judge as a claims commissioner.

The state in its petition has included Police Commissioner Kamal Pant's report, which said 64 criminal cases have been registered in connection with the riots. It further stated 33 government vehicles and 109 private vehicles were completely burnt or extensively damaged. Significant damage has been caused to the DJ Halli and KG Halli police stations and also the residence of MLA Murthy. In addition, eight private buildings were also damaged and arms and ammunition used by the police were destroyed by the mob.