Bengaluru tops in use of solar energy products

Water heaters are the most popular solar energy product in Bengaluru. DH PHOTO/S K DINESH

Bengaluru has the largest number of solar water heater consumers among metros. 

A survey conducted by Velocity MR, a consumer research company, nearly 6 out of 10 people in the metros use or have used solar products in their homes. In Bengaluru, solar lamps and water heaters are among popular products and people here had the highest satisfaction in using solar energy compared to other metros. 

The survey revealed that the city has more environmental concerns and makes attempts to reduce its electricity costs. 

The survey further said that though 69% of the respondents think the government is taking some steps to make solar energy available for general use, there is a lack of awareness among the public. 

Bengalureans felt that awareness about solar technology and government initiatives should be raised to promote the use of solar products for household/domestic purpose. 

Though the use of solar products was the highest in Bengaluru, other metros saw the popularity of other products. For example, solar inverters were more popular in Mumbai. 

The key barrier to purchasing any solar product for the household is the cost factor. With increasing awareness, usage and brands in the markets, however, prices are slowly going down. However, many felt that solar panel manufacturers should come up with more solar products at affordable costs for household purposes.

The survey also revealed that in order to overcome the barrier of solar power installation, new technological advancements followed by adequate government policies and strong political commitment must be made in order to reduce the cost.

Consumer concerns must be dealt with through education and awareness. 

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Bengaluru tops in use of solar energy products


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