Bike-borne gang robs Rs 8.8 lakh

Bike-borne gang robs Rs 8.8 lakh

A gang of three bike-borne men robbed a private firm employee of Rs 8.8 lakh after knocking him down from his motorcycle. They assaulted him in Anekal on March 11.

Krishna was on his way to a bank to deposit the cash he collected from his clients, the police said.

According to the police, three men on two bikes followed Krishna. One of them rammed his bike into the victim’s motorcycle. Krishna lost balance and fell down. The trio then started to argue that Krishna had damaged their bike demanding compensation.

As Krishna tried to reason with them, the trio dragged him to an isolated place and assaulted him mercilessly. They later escaped with Krishna’s cash bag containing Rs 8.8 lakh.

The accused also snatched Krishna’s bike keys and threw it away to prevent him from following the accused. Krishna, with the help of a few passersby, filed a complaint at the Anekal police station. Based on the complaint, the police have taken up a case of robbery. Efforts are on to track down the trio.