Biker waylays bizman, extorts valuables worth Rs 5.6 lakh

Biker waylays bizman, extorts valuables worth Rs 5.6 lakh

An unidentified biker extorted valuables worth Rs 5.6 lakh from a 53-year-old businessman after intercepting his car on the Richmond Circle flyover.

The suspect threatened the businessman, Shridhar S Hegde, saying his car had run over the former's leg in Ashok Nagar on May 16 (Wednesday), and unless he would do as directed, the biker would complain against him.

The suspect claimed to be a contract killer and forced Hegde to withdraw cash from an ATM and buy gold jewellery, worth over Rs 4 lakh, the police said.

According to the police, Hegde, a resident of Chikkalasandra, was returning home in his car on Wednesday. Around 7.30 pm, when he reached the Richmond Circle flyover, the biker intercepted his car and claimed that his vehicle had run over his leg. The suspect offered to spare Hegde in exchange for cash and valuables. He initially snatched Rs 3,500 from Hegde's wallet and forced him to drive to the nearest ATM to withdraw Rs 80,000.

But the victim's misery did not end there.

According to the police, after getting the cash, the emboldened suspect claimed he was a criminal and was involved in four murder cases. He said that someone had even given him a contract to eliminate Hegde. The victim pleaded to be spared, but the suspect demanded jewellery from a shop in Commercial Street and purchased gold valuables worth Rs 4.7 lakh using Hegde's cards.

The man also took away Hegde's gold chain and a ring worth Rs 70,000. The suspect noted Hegde's contact details and left the place.

Hegde immediately informed his family, following which he lodged a complaint with the Ashok Nagar police. The police have taken up a case of extortion against the biker and efforts are on to trace him.

The police are trying to identify the biker through the CCTV footage in and around the spot of the crime. "Investigations, so far, reveal that all the purchases were legal and there is no evidence of any robbery. Hence, a case of extortion has been registered and we are making inquiries," a senior police officer said.