Biodegradable cloth diapers provide a safe alternative

Biodegradable cloth diapers provide a safe alternative

About 25,000 mothers in the city have declined to use disposable diapers and have switched to alternative bio-degradable cloth diapers, manufactured by a Mumbai-based start-up. Superbottoms, the cloth diaper, is not only helping infants have a rash free experience, but also protecting the environment from the disposable diapers.

Debashree Pal, a Bengaluru-based architect, did not want to use disposable diapers for her child and was looking for a safer option. “The disposable ones have plastic and chemicals, which is unsafe for children. When I was looking for an alternative to the disposable diapers I found Superbottoms. Though each diaper costs Rs 800 onwards, it can be easily washed and dried in the sun.  I bought around 10 diapers and use around three to four in a day. Though the caregivers at the daycare, where I leave my child, were a little hesitant, they have managed to keep my child clean and safe,” she added.

However, when the child is traveling, disposable diapers will work, but otherwise, on normal days, cloth diapers must be used, Pal added.

Debashree said there are many companies even in Bengaluru which manufacture cloth diapers now.

Pallavi Utagi, the founder of Superbottoms, said that it has been two years since the launch of the cloth diapers and many of her consumers are from Bengaluru. “Our cloth diapers are dry-feel fabric, absorbs and provides waterproofing. The diapers are made of polyurethane laminate, a fabric which provides 100% waterproof, flexible and durable. We also use thermoplastic urethane, a biodegradable material and is safe on baby skin.” she added.