B'lureans inspire other cities to take up #BYOC

B'lureans inspire other cities to take up #BYOC


Inspired by Rishita Sharma people carry their own containers instead of using plastic or paper cutlery to public spaces.

A Bengalurean's initiative to discourage plastic and paper materials has found takers across the country with Mumbai, Bhilai and other cities embracing the 'Bring Your Own Cup/Container' challenge.

The #BYOC challenge, as it is popularly known, encourages people to carry their own containers instead of using plastic or paper cutlery to public spaces. They also have to post a selfie with them on social media.

Started by Rishita Sharma, the challenge is an effort to reduce the use of paper cups and plastic.

"It pains me to see disposable paper cups used mindlessly in offices, corporate houses and social events."

I remember my grandmother carrying her own steel cup to drink water at weddings as in those days there was no container to serve water and food was served on plates made of leaves. I want to revive that practice," adds Rishita.

She has also inspired her residential society to ban the use of plastic and paper cups. The society insists that the residents bring their own containers and plates during social gatherings it hosts.

Recently Ishaan Sahu, a resident of Bhilai, Chattisgarh replicated the challenge in his city along with a group of former military men and encouraged the residents to go plastic free.

As a result, people from various cities are posting pictures of them using steel containers to eat or drink at restaurants, while travelling and even while having chats at roadside stalls.

She also inspired a bank's branch office to go plastic free, and they have switched from using paper cups to porcelain cups for serving beverages.

Her daughter's school has also ditched the use of paper cups for the past few years following Rishita's encouragement.

Rekha Aravind, a resident of Brookefield inspired to take the challenge, has made cutlery kits for her family to avoid the use of plastic or paper containers. The kit contains a steel spoon, fork and a straw. The family members use the kit everywhere they go.

Rishita said she felt great to know that many people were going plastic free.

"I have received pics of people using steel containers while travelling in trains, eating at a restaurant or at a social part and even while drinking sugarcane juice at a roadside stall," she said.

Rishita is also the co-founder of 'Rent-a-cutlery', which rents out cutlery to local communities to reduce plastic consumption.

Recently, Priya Kamath from Eschborn, German, also posted a selfie in support of the #BYOC challenge.