BMTC sets out to find why its buses causing accidents

BMTC sets out to find why its buses causing accidents

BMTC bus after the driver lost control and rammed the vehicle into the divider on the busy Kasturba Road on Tuesday morning. DH Photo

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is worried because of a rise in accidents involving its buses. The transporter has now set out to find the reasons for the lapses that caused 258 accidents in 355 days this year, killing 50 people. 

On December 20, the BMTC came under the spotlight after one of its buses mowed down two students in front of Gopalan Mall on Mysuru Road in western Bengaluru. The accident prompted scathing criticism from the public. 

“There is a problem right in the beginning, at the training stage. Drivers with one or two years of experience have been made trainers, who do not meet the conditions. As per rules, trainers should have been recognised for driving without accidents, good mileage and should have been trained in Namakkal (Tamil Nadu’s reputed training institute). But there are just one or two people like that. The input from others is of no use,” a BMTC driver said. 

Maintenance of the buses also falls in the critical category. Many times, drivers in a hurry fail to get the vehicles checked. Brake failure and damaged steering rods can be avoided if the vehicle is inspected thoroughly, the source said. 

The BMTC, has, however, insisted that buses are checked regularly and its drivers inspect the vehicle without fail. “If they do not do the inspection, they will be in trouble. There is no compromise on safety. Despite all this, accidents are happening. We are investigating the reasons,” a senior official said.