Bosch's air quality study to help citizens

Bosch's air quality study to help citizens

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German technology major Bosch is conducting a comprehensive study on air quality and local climate that would help governments and citizens plan daily activities like traffic management, commute and parking.

A team from Bosch Mobility Solutions (BMS) has taken up a micro-climate monitoring system (Climo) study to assess the air quality in Electronics City and its surrounding areas on a pilot basis.

They have installed an air quality measuring instrument to collect data on particulate matter (PM) 2.5, PM 10, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, Ozone, nitrous oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ranging temperature, noise pollution and humidity.

Though the instrument was installed in September, the data collected so far will be analysed only in February, BMS’ head of city development Pawan Mulukutla told DH.

Having installed 50 air quality measurement instruments in Pune with the municipal administration under the smart city programme, the seven-member BMS team has begun the pilot study in Bengaluru, though it has not partnered with the government here.

However, the team has decided to share the data with the government to aid better planning. The BMS has partnered with the Electronics City for the project.

Mulukutla said an average of the data collected is derived every 15 minutes and is used to understand seasonal, peak period and day variations.

Unlike other studies, the BMS aims to overlay multiple factors on the data such as the traffic count, traffic management and health count and see if congestion in the city could be brought down. The BMS executive said the data will be gradually shared with the government, citizens and the companies to help decide such things as work timings, shifts, commute time, school timings, signal optimisation, parking management among other things.

The team has set a one-year timeline to collect data, draw inferences and do the analysis.

They say they are currently in the first stage. A similar Climo study has been taken up at Bosch campus in Koramangala and IISc campus.