BU in news again as backlog positions allegedly on sale

BU in news again as backlog positions allegedly on sale

DH file photo for representation.

The row over filling up the backlog positions in Bangalore University (BU) has surfaced again, with a leaked phone conversation between a broker and an aspirant doing the rounds among top officials of BU.

In the leaked conversation, Dinesh, a guest faculty in BU, and Mahadev, a broker overseeing the deal for posts, are heard discussing about fixing rates for the backlog positions. Syndicate member Shivanna’s name is taken by the duo and comes across as the person taking bribes for the appointments.

Beside Shivanna, the duo also take the names of officials of social welfare department and the varsity who have a share in the money given for the appointments.

“The audio conversation is doing the rounds from past two days. They have spoken about the different rates quoted for the different positions in our university. It’s a solid proof that shows the irregularities happening in our varsities for appointment of backlog positions. Even before the process of appointment has begun, this is happening,” a senior officials from BU told DH.

The conversation also includes about the transfer of Dinesh from Urdu department to Sericulture or Life Science department.

However, Syndicate member Shivanna denied taking bribes. “I have heard the conversation. I don’t known why my name has been unnecessary pulled in this row. Someone is intended to tarnish my image. In fact I was the one who voluntarily wrote many letter to higher education department to look into this issue,” Shivanna told DH.

Shivanna said there was no chance for irregularities as the process had become transparent. “After finalising the list, we will give one week time to raise objection. So if the objection is raised, the appointment of the particular candidate will not happen,” he said.