BU professors shun squalid quarters

BU professors shun squalid quarters

As the staff quarters for Bangalore University (BU) in Jnanbharathi campus has not undergone renovation for at least 20 years, the buildings today stand in a derelict condition. While more than 50% of the quarters lie vacant for years, having no option the Class 3 and 4 employees of the university continue to suffer in these buildings. 

“Due to the poor maintenance of the buildings, hardly any professors and assistant professors are living in the quarters. The university has sanctioned several lakhs for the renovation, but till now hardly any work has taken place. There is a lot of irregularities here. The bills are claimed but the work has not taken place. As the teaching faculties receive 30% House Rent Allowance (HRA) and can also pay their own rent they remain negligent towards this. The poor non-teaching staff suffers,” a BU official told DH.

While the Jnanabharathi campus provides quarters for all employees from Class 4 to the Vice-Chancellor (VC), except the Class 3 and 4 employees other senior staff reside outside the campus, leaving these buildings empty. Unable to afford houses near the university, most of the non-teaching and support staff use the quarters meant for the teaching faculty.

“As per my knowledge renovation is regularly then up for all the quarters. If there are any irregularities I will look into it. Nobody has brought these issues to my notice till now. The 30% HRA received by our teaching faculty is also a reason they do not prefer the quarters. At one time there was a huge demand for these quarters,” said Venugopal K R, BU VC. 

Rent out to students

“There is also a proposal to make these vacant buildings available for the BU students who come from foreign countries or out of the state. We will discuss this issue in the syndicate meeting and take up the renovation for the buildings that need attention. If it still doesn’t serve a purpose, we will open them for foreign or out outstation students, where they can pay the rent and use the quarters,” the VC added.