BWSSB targets overhead tank water wastage in new move

BWSSB targets overhead tank water wastage in new move

Water spilling out of overhead tanks is a common sight in the city. Now, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board has decided to crack down on such recklessness. 

The BWSSB will soon make the installation of an automatic water level controller mandatory for households (irrespective of dimensions) and commercial establishments in order to prevent wastage of water when it is pumped to the overhead tanks.

"The automatic water level controller has been available in India for many years, but people are not aware of it," B C Gangadhar, chief engineer (Maintenance), BWSSB, told DH. "It will not only avoid water wastage but also help in avoiding manual handling of water pumps. It will automatically switch on the pump when the overhead tank is becoming empty and turn it off once it is full." 

The official also clarified that residents were free to choose their brand of water level controller as no product will be promoted from their side.

"Our aim is to avoid the overflow of water when it is pumped. People are free to select their choice of water level controller according to their budget," Gangadhar said. 

Hefty fines

To ensure effective implementation, the BWSSB will also impose hefty fines on offenders, if and when water overflow is spotted. Though installing the ball valve is compulsory for sumps, most residents do not abide by this.

"We invite people's participation in this matter. They can take photographs of the overflowing water and report it to the various zone in-charges. Even our employees will keep a check on this during metre-reading. If people do not pay heed to the penalties, we will disconnect the water connection," Gangadhar warned.