Bygone Vignettes, a photographic journey of old B'lore

Bygone Vignettes, a photographic journey of old B'lore

A work of art by ace shutterbug Vivek Mathew.

Capturing Bengaluru’s essence through arresting photographic visuals is ace shutterbug Vivek Mathew’s forte.

He is back with another solo show, the last two days of which will stay alive at the Venkatappa Art Gallery here on February 17 and 18.

Mathew’s curious lens has captured City Market, Russell Market, Bamboo Bazaar, Shivajinagar, Chickpet, Madiwala Market, Ulsoor Market, Johnson Market, Brigade Road, MG Road and Domlur.

Mathew’s love for old British homes first drew his attention, with many monkey tops in the city’s Cantonment area disappearing on the same ground where apartments have appeared.

Out of these homes, and onto the streets, Mathew continued to document the textures, colours and patterns that define heritage

Growing up in the city, Mathew says he had witnessed several heritage buildings, markets and old parts of the city constructed by the British, biting the dust.

His endeavour through his photographs had this objective: To lend these disappearing vignettes… doors, stairways, push-carts, shutters and monkey tops, among others, an eternal platform to be seen and experienced by generations to come.