Cat trapped on metro tracks at Jalahalli station

Cat trapped on metro tracks at Jalahalli station

Namma metro staff struggling to rescue a cat running around the tracks at Jalahalli metro station. Trains were deferred by five minitues at both the sides, rescue operation is being carried out during the waiting period.

Metro staff members struggled an entire evening to rescue a cat running around the tracks at Jalahalli Metro station late on Friday evening.

The white cat had strayed into the station and entered the tracks. The commuters who noticed it alerted the station master about its presence.

Till 8 pm, the staff members could not venture to save it due to the high frequency of trains. Entering the track requires switching off of the power supply, which will hit operations and affect the travelling plans of hundreds of commuters.

However, at least once the trains were deferred by five minutes at both the sides to rescue the feline.

‘Loud noise scared cat’

A commuter said scared due to the loud noise from the train, the cat was hiding.

“Whenever the metro staff members spotted the cat, it would run away from them,” he said.

A staff member said to ensure the safety of the cat, they may have to wait till 11 pm when the last train service ends.

However, another staffer said they may have to wait till 12 pm for the train services to completely close for the day, after which with permission, they will try to find the cat using the metro trail.

U A Vasanth Rao, the BMRCL spokesperson, said they have been trying to rescue the cat since 7.30 pm. But it was becoming difficult as the feline was moving away and hiding.

“The cat is fine at the moment. We will wait until 11 and after power is completely shut down we will rescue it. If we try to do anything now, it may come in contact with the rail. We have a few people from
the animal rescue team to assist us as well. Hope this cat has the proverbial nine lives,” Rao said.