Chief Secretary calls meet over Hebbal flyover crack

Chief Secretary calls meet over Hebbal flyover crack

The crack on the Hebbal Flyover loop towards Airport.

The crack on the Hebbal flyover loop connecting the airport to Hennur has caught the attention of the state government. Chief secretary T M Vijay Bhaskar will conduct a high-level meeting with the heads of all the departments on Tuesday.

"The CS has asked for a detailed report before the meeting on September 25. Considering the increasing traffic volume and the flyover's strategic location, the CS has sought a quick and long term solution. Both the BWSSB and NHAI have been asked to submit a report on the ground status and the action taken," a senior officer requesting anonymity explained to DH. 

In an earlier meeting on Saturday he pulled up the officials and said quick action should be taken for repairing the flyover. 

Sources in the state government told DH that officials admitted to the CS that since the flyover was built 12 years ago no safety audit has been conducted. They also said that the drains and sewer lines connecting Hebbal Lake with Kommaghatta-Challaghatta Valley are clogged resulting in seepage. The lake is filled to the brim all through the year indicating that the drains around it are clogged not allowing the water to flow and thus leading to seepage. The issue has never been addressed. Motorists are reportedly witnessing discomfort while driving even at the speed of 40-50 kmph.

Officials from Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), Urban Development Department were present at the meeting. The BDA and the traffic police officials along with consultants and experts inspected the crack on the loop on September 19.

BDA Engineer Member, Shivakumar B S said that it was a small problem and there was no need to divert traffic. The repair could be undertaken when the traffic is less- at night or during holidays. Since the loop was widened by the NHAI and is being maintained by them it is their job to repair it. If they are unable to do it BDA will complete it.