Christ PUC turns Kannada syllabus into YouTube videos

Christ PUC turns Kannada syllabus into YouTube videos

Christ PU college has given a digital touch to its Kannada curriculum by presenting the first and second-year syllabus in a series of YouTube videos.

The lessons are presented either by the authors themselves, the chief of the textbook committee or a folk artist in the videos uploaded on YouTube.

So far, 23 videos have been uploaded on the YouTube channel of ‘Centre for Concept Design’, also the studio where the videos are recorded, while the Kannada department is working on seven or eight more videos to be uploaded soon.

“We’ve taken up this project to mark the 50th year of our PU college,” Vice Principal Father Biju told DH.

“We can see digital works of subjects like science, social or math, but it’s rare to see something in Kannada. So we thought it’d be good to bring the author themselves and let them recite their works in the way they wanted so that it’d reach the students in an effective way.”

The college’s faculties Bhaskar, Nagarathna and Vijaymala have worked extensively on the project, Father Biju said. “This’s well received by the students. This isn’t just for our college students; this’s open for common people as well,” he added.

Varun, a student of the college, said the video presentations are more attractive than regular textbooks. “The pronunciation and the mood in which it’s composed would take us to a different world. This has made studying easy,” he said.

The project began towards the end of 2017 and has covered 85% of the syllabus. The management has tried its best to bring the original authors of the lessons to present it on the videos. Father Biju said two folk songs –“Habballi avara Rasaballi” and “Sisumakkaligolida Maadeva”- have been cast into music and crooned by folk artist Kadabagere Muniraju.

“Since a few authors (of the original texts) were unavailable, we decided to bring the head of the textbook committee to recite the works. They’re the right people to present the works because they chose them for the curriculum,” Father Biju said.

H S Sathyanarayana and L N Mukund Raju, members and the head of I and II PU Kannada textbook committee respectively, have recited works of famous late authors like Ranna, K P Poornachandra Tejaswi, P Lankesh, G S Shivarudrappa, Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre and Kumara Vyasa.

Among the authors who recited their own works in the videos are T Yelappa, Sukanya Maruthi, H L Pushpa, Malathi Pattanashetty and Lalitha Siddabasavaiah.