Citizens seek answers from authorities

Citizens seek answers from authorities

Dr Vikram Narayavan, Citizens asking questions in Cleaning up Bengaluru, Garbage Collection and Disposal, Public Interaction programme organised by Deccan Herald at The Capitol Hotel in Bengaluru on Saturday. Photo by S K Dinesh

Usha Medappa, member of Victoria Road residents’ welfare association

The plastic ban rule came in 2016. The BBMP must ensure a blanket ban on all kinds of plastic and not allow so called bio-degradable plastic bags... we do not have the authority to visit shops and implement the rule, so we need assistance.

BBMP commissioner 

We are in the process of having junior health inspectors, to be empowered with hand-held machines, and fine those using plastic bags. They will be deputed shortly.

Vikram Narayan, member of Indiranagar residents’ welfare association 

Illegal commercial establishments, including software companies, are coming up in residential areas in Indiranagar, causing huge concerns for local residents. Will the BBMP take any action against them?

Deputy Chief Minister

I have seen many offices coming up in Indiranagar. It is probably because no one has complained and the officials concerned have not looked into the issue. We will look into it shortly.


Dr Asha Benakappa, retired HoD, Vani Vilas Hospital

There is a new generation super-absorbent pampers used by infants, and on an average, each child is generating at least 15 kg to 20 kg garbage per month. How are we going to address this issue?

Wilma Rodrigues

This is one issue that needs to be addressed, and needs a permanent solution.


RWA member

Just like how the BBMP constructed Indira Canteens in each ward, why can’t you come up with segregation and compost plants in each of the 198 wards?

BBMP commissioner

We can come up with composting plants, but the citizens themselves oppose such plants. Why can’t members of the residents’ welfare associations decide on the place where they want the plant? The BBMP is ready to install these plants.


Ravi Gangigati, a resident of Nagarabhavi

Is it not possible for the police on night patrol duty to fine those who are throwing garbage on the streets?

Deputy Chief Minister

At the moment, there is a fine of Rs 100, which can be increased to Rs 500 and up to Rs 5,000. But again, I may receive complaints about even the fine amount being demanded or misused. We will come up with a solution for this problem.


Vani Murthy, member of Solid Waste Management Round Table

We need to come up with a model to provide rebate on property tax for those who do home composting and reduce waste at least by 60%. We do not need 24-hour composting machines.

BBMP commissioner

There is a proposal to provide 50% rebate and it has to be discussed before the council and approved.


Anuradha Govind, Whitefield Rising

Our apartment is located in a ward that has large areas and requires numerous health inspectors. Also, what does the BBMP have to say about the area having over 400 PGs and only 26 being on record? 

BBMP commissioner

We will look into the matter about deputing more health inspectors and verify the number of PGs in the area. More than 50 apartments in a block are considered bulk generators.


K Prakash, member of Begur residents’ welfare association

Our areas come under the newly added 110 villages, a semi urban area which is largely neglected by the BBMP. The waste is not collected and roads are not laid. When will you address our issues?

BBMP commissioner

After 2007, 110 villages were added to the BBMP, increasing the area, and at the moment, the BWSSB is laying water and underground drainage pipeline. Once their work is completed, the BBMP will look into the roads and civic issues.


Nagendar, resident of Bluejay Sunshine Hills, Karihobana halli, Doddabidirukallu

A garbage processing unit is coming up in our locality within 50 meters of our residential layout. The plant will cause serious health concerns to the residents, especially children.

BBMP commissioner

There are seven composting units functioning at the moment and there is no question about the BBMP closing down any of the plants.


Guruprasad, member of Sobha Dream Acres residents’ welfare association 

A landfill near our flat is a serious health hazard for 3,000 families living in these apartment blocks. The waste from a piggery is dumped and burned near the compound of our apartment. Please address the issue. 

BBMP commissioner

We will post ex-servicemen as marshals to monitor illegal dumping of garbage and shortly, marshals will be appointed in your areas as well.