Bengaluru kids get the feel of space at NASA

Bengaluru kids get the feel of space at NASA

The students of Silicon City Academy of Secondary Education visited the Kennedy Space Centre and NASA during their recent trip to the US.

A trip packed with fun and loaded with information would be the best way to spend your vacation. Fifteen students of Silicon City Academy of Secondary Education did just that during recent Dasara vacations by undertaking a trip to the US accompanied by their principal Sumalini B Swamy and Secretary L Ravi. The visit was a part of the school’s first international education trip.

“The trip was successful as not only did the students gain a lot of knowledge but also learnt to be independent. The cultural difference between India and America has influenced them to resolve to be good citizens,” Sumalini B Swamy, the principal said.

"This kind of exposure will help the students in their future endeavours, especially if they want to pursue higher studies in America," she added.

The 10-day trip included a visit to Disney land, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Niagara Falls and Hershey’s Chocolate Factory. They also got to tour Washington DC, New Jersey and New York. Adding to their bundle of joy, these students now have a 10-year US Visa.

At Kennedy Space Center (KSC), they attended the NASA’s Student Astronaut Training Programme.

The students got to see the launch of rockets and also understood what it takes to become an astronaut. They also had a Question and Answer session with Jerry L Ross, former NASA astronaut who holds the record of being the first human to be launched into space seven times, followed by lunch with him.

“I learnt a lot about space. Jerry Ross explained about rockets and human space missions. Visiting Niagara Falls and New York City were beautiful experiences,” Lakshan R, class 9 student said.

“It was a fantastic trip and we had great exposure. My dream is to become a cosmologist and through this trip, I learnt about space travel and space,” Vaishnavi Badasheshi, class 9 student.