City soaks in love this Valentine’s day

City soaks in love this Valentine’s day

Offers and happy hours at pubs and restaurants marked the celebrations of Valentine’s Day on Thursday, with couples, dressed in their best, exchanging roses and wishes.

Vatal Nagaraj from Kannada Chaluvali Paksha dressed in a pink shirt and brown hat gave roses to people at Cubbon Park in the morning. His video endorsing V-Day celebration, demanding state and central governments provide funds for loving couples to get married, went viral a couple of days ago.

However, some fringe groups protested against the celebration calling it a foreign conspiracy.

There was an unusual crowd at malls, multiplexes and restaurants, with most of the pubs offering happy hour drinks and even arranging candlelight dinner.

Some of the banks also offered customised gift cards to their customers.

Volunteers from Anvaya Foundation organised a four-day event “Paint your love for Bengaluru” with the theme “Unity in Diversity”. The event saw volunteers clean black spots and beautify dirty walls of schools, colleges and other public building walls in Whitefield.

The volunteers distributed roses and thank you cards to the police personnel in Whitefield station for keeping Bengaluru safe.