Cleanliness drives, exhibitions mark Heritage Day

Cleanliness drives, exhibitions mark Heritage Day

Government Museum at Kasturaba road in Bengaluru. Photo by S K Dinesh

Cleanliness drives and exhibitions marked the World Heritage Day celebrations in most parts of the city and state on Wednesday.

As the state and Central archaeological departments observed the day, many tourists made a beeline to the heritage sites to know more about it.

While exhibitions and cleanliness drive attracted many, interactive sessions and cultural programmes left others disappointed.

At many heritage sites, tourists joined hands with the department to clean up the premises of Tippu Palace in Bengaluru and Dariya Daulat Bagh in Srirangapatna.

ASI officials observing Heritage Week are anticipating more people to visit the sites during the holiday season.

The officials said the exhibition held at the Tipu Palace in Bengaluru saw a good footfall.

Same was the case with Hampi. The official said that despite the summer heat many people visited the sites to know what new was being showcased in the museums.

People were interested to learn more of the lesser known places and urged the department to identify and restore the sites. Some listed a few places on the spot while others promised to share details in days to come.