Colouring therapy at Cubbon park rekindles childhood

Colouring therapy at Cubbon park rekindles childhood

Participants immersed in colouring at the Sunday Colouring session in Cubbon Park.

Sunday mornings turn into a colouring extravaganza for many Bengalureans who head to the Cubbon Park to indulge in art therapy.

What started as an experimental initiative by Kanika Gupta, a city-based illustrator, has bloomed into a dedicated mission to help people connect with their childhood memories of colouring and doodling.

Started in 2017, the Sunday Colouring Group brings together adults and children from all walks of life to paint together.

The session begins with yoga mats, art papers and colouring supplies splattered across the greens that make space look like a vibrant canvass.

Speaking about the initiative, Kanika said: " As an illustrator, I have published two colouring books for adults. I wanted to share my love for art with society at large. It was an impulse that I and my friend decided to host an event for colouring on one Saturday and people turned out in good numbers and then there was no looking back."

The Sunday Coloring Club has already hosted over 50 such sessions to date.

"Due to our hectic work schedules, we have reduced it to one Sunday a month. During the session, we hand out full blown artworks from my colouring books, which people use for colouring. It is difficult to complete the art in one session, and so they come to the next session to continue it," Kanika added.

The Sunday sessions, which are free for everyone, are a hit with the young crowd, who bring their parents and friends along to enjoy the art sessions.