Complaint against actor over argument in party

Complaint against actor over argument in party

Sanjjanaa Galran

A movie producer has filed a complaint against actor Sanjjanaa Galrani after an argument broke out between them at a party on December 24. 

The Cubbon Park police have registered a non-cognizable report (NCR).

Chethan Singh Rathore, DCP (central), said police were yet to get the details from the producer Vandana Jain, on what led to the argument.

As the complaint is registered under the NCR, no such details are required. If the complainant needs detailed investigation, she has to approach the court and get permission under a private complaint.

Police said Vandana wanted to register an NCR as she just wanted Sanjjanaa to be called and warned. She said there was no physical fight between them in the party. Sanjjanaa also told the media that they just argued in the party and that she also wanted to register an NCR against Vandana but dropped the idea as she did not want to make the mistake Vandana did.