'Consignment of simulator hand-grenades not traceable'

'Consignment of simulator hand-grenades not traceable'

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After a ‘simulator hand-grenade’ found at Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna railway station sent security officials into a tizzy recently, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has issued a statement that the grenade was being sent to Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh from Bengaluru.

Other such simulator hand-grenades in the consignment sent to Jhansi have also not been traced yet, according to the statement.

During the course of enquiries by the MoD, it has emerged that “it pertains to a consignment booked in the parcel on Military Convoy Note with the Railways from Bengaluru to Jhansi on 10 May 2019.” Though the consignment was to be delivered after it was dispatched, the statement noted that it was yet to reach the city.

“The consignee unit at Jhansi has been in contact with the railway authorities at that station and had been told that the parcels are not traceable. It is reiterated that this item is only for training purpose and does not have any explosive content. The matter is being resolved in conjunction with railway authorities,” the statement added.

In railway custody

However, railway police sources said it was in their possession. According to sources, the consignment was returned after it reached Jhansi as there were no takers for it. It was sent back to Bengaluru and was in possession of the railway police.