Cyclist 'Everesting' Nandi Hills for surgical cause

Cyclist 'Everesting' Nandi Hills for surgical cause

Dr Arvind Bhateja and Dipankar Paul during their preparations for the 'Everesting' event

Dipankar Paul was busy peddling up and down Nandi Hills on Wednesday. And it was no ordinary mission. The 37-year-old was on an 'Everesting' attempt to raise funds for surgeries at a subsidised cost for poor.

Paul claimed his was the first attempt of this sort by anyone in the country.

On Wednesday, as Paul readied to make rounds up and down the hill as part of 'Everesting', the cycling community from Bengaluru gathered in solidarity.

'Everesting' is an activity in which cyclists ascend and descend a given hill multiple times, in order to have cumulatively climbed 8,848 metres, the elevation of Mt Everest.

Paul prepared for months together before making the attempt. "No one has tried it so far in India. I have completed my 16th round of Nandi Hills," said Paul as he took a break in the evening to speak to DH.

Paul, a professional cycling coach, has had a fair share of injuries. "Sometimes, we take our brain and spine for granted. Although I have been able to afford my surgeries, I wish to make a contribution to someone who cannot afford it," he said.

The cycling event was held to raise awareness about surgeries at subsidised cost at Sita Bhateja Hospital.

Dr Arvind Bhateja, medical director, Sita Bhateja Hospital, said that 'Everesting' must be done within a 24-hour period. Once achieved, the cyclist's name will be added in the Hall of Fame, alongside the best climbers in the world.

"Nandi Hills has a 400-metre elevation. For Everesting, 22 rounds must be completed, and to make it an official attempt, it has to be recorded on a GPS device. Paul hopes to finish by 10 pm (Wednesday)," he said.

Dr Bhateja said Paul was taking 40 to 50 minutes per climb up and down along the road which is 7.5 km long.
"The cycling community is here in batches. Some are going along with him to encourage him, doing two to eight rounds along with him. Ever since he started campaigning, Rs 1.5 lakh has been raised. We hope to raise Rs 5 lakh," he said.

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