Despite odds, BNU outshines BCU in exams

Despite odds, BNU outshines BCU in exams

Bangalore Central University (BCU) and Bangalore North University (BNU) -- the newly created varsities after the trifurcation of Bangalore University (BU) -- announced first semester results of the undergraduate courses on Tuesday.

Though the pass percentage of both the universities are around 50%, the performance of the BNU, predominantly serving rural areas, is better compared to that of the BCU that has colleges mostly in urban areas.

183 colleges are affiliated to the BCU and 197 colleges to the BNU. Even in admissions, the BNU has overtaken the BCU and its parent BU.

The overall pass percentage of the BNU is 52.83% whereas the BCU’s is 54.6% as revealed by the respective evaluation registrars.

“If we look at the pass percentage, a debutant BNU has done a good job despite all odds. Predominantly, the colleges affiliated to the varsity are in rural areas, but BCU has most of its colleges in the urban areas. We are all aware of the situation of the colleges situated in rural areas. The BCU could have done a better job given all the facilities. As usual, in the SSLC and PUC results, the rural students have outclassed the urban students,” a vice-chancellor told DH, requesting anonymity.

Lingaraj Gandhi, Registrar (Evaluation), BCU said, “This is the usual number we get. I admit we could have done better. We faced extreme staff crunch this semester. Now, we will be focusing on improvising the syllabus in all affiliated colleges. We will start the inspections, check the facilities and review the syllabus. We will ensure the issues are addressed by next semester. Because this is reflective in the performance. Stern action will also be taken against the colleges not meeting the standards. Evaluation of the faculty will also be done.”

Despite being a new varsity BCU managed to digitise the evaluation and announcement of results.

Blaming the facilities, Sundaraj Urs, Registrar (Evaluation), BNU said, “Our students are deprived of the facilities and infrastructure, still we have done a good job.

As a new university in the rural area, I think we have done a good job. Things
will improve in the coming semesters. Now, the major problem with our students is the English language. Our focus will be in addressing this issue.”