DKS assures improved facilities at Victoria Hospital

DKS assures improved facilities at Victoria Hospital

Medical education minister D K Shivakumar speaks to a patient during a surprise inspection of Victoria Hospital on Friday.

Minister D K Shivakumar on Friday paid a surprise visit to hospitals under the Bangalore Medical Colleges and Research Institute.

Days after taking charge as the minister for medical education, he paid a visit to the Victoria Hospital to examine the facilities available and take note of its functioning.

The minister directed that CCTV cameras be installed and said he would start centralised billing and admission sections for patients in all hospitals that fall under the Department of Medical Education. He insisted that the same be done within 75 days.

While interacting with patients, the minister was informed about rampant corruption in the hospital. A patient who developed gangrene complained that he was asked to pay over Rs 3 lakh for the treatment.

Shivakumar also expressed disappointment over the dereliction of duty by a few staff members. He noted that one of the nodal officers, Haseena Banu, who had to report to work at 9.30 am, came in late.

"There is confusion over the procedure of admission itself at the hospital. I am not here to find mistakes, but have come on a positive note. I will appoint someone else to keep a watch over the wrongdoings," he said, adding that there were issues that hassled patients attempting to enroll under various government schemes as well. "It will be resolved soon," he added.

Minister checks BP 

Shivakumar not only took stock of the situation at the hospital, but also underwent a basic checkup. According to sources in the hospital, the minister's blood pressure level reading was 170/120 (with the normal levels being 120/80-140/90).