Doctor falls for 'anti-ageing Tulasi herbal', cheated

Doctor falls for 'anti-ageing Tulasi herbal', cheated

Heard of the magic potion that could make you 20 years younger? O R Srirangappa, 62, sure did. And what makes it more baffling is the fact that Srirangappa is a certified doctor.

Four men made away with more than Rs 4 lakh from Srirangappa in exchange for a certain Tulasi herbal potion.

The doctor in question was a district health officer at Madikeri. After retirement, he had moved to his hometown in Tumakuru and had settled there, the police said.

The incident dates back to October last year. Dr Srirangappa was on a stroll near his house. Midway, he was greeted by a youngster, Aakash. Apparently, Aakash told Srirangappa that he was concerned about the man’s gait. Srirangappa then responded to Aakash that he had age-related ailments, especially pain in the joints, which restricted his gait.

Aakash further explained to the doctor about his brother Mallikarjun, a Bengaluru-based expert in Ayurveda. Aakash gave Mallikarjun’s phone number to Dr Srirangappa and said that his brother had a ‘formula’ for a Tulasi herbal potion, which when applied on joints, brings back one’s health as it was 20 years ago. One can really feel it, Akash persuaded.

Impressed, Dr Srirangappa thought of giving it a shot and called up Aakash’s brother Mallikarjun, and spoke about the joint pain and the Tulasi potion. Mallikarjun then invited Dr Srirangappa to Panchavati Ayurvedic Clinic, Park Road, close to Srinivasa theatre in Thulasi Thota near Majestic.

After the doctor landed in the city, he was convinced by Mallikarjun and two of his associates, Anand and Virupaksha, staffers at the clinic, that the Tulasi potion did work wonders.

Dr Srirangappa initially offered them Rs 10,790 in cash, after which he transferred Rs 2 lakh to Virupaksha and later, Rs 1.95 lakh in three separate transactions. Only after Srirangappa offered the entire money of Rs 4.05 lakh was he given the Tulasi potion.

Finally, the Tulasi herbal potion - apply the doctor did. But to his shock, nothing transpired. He could not go back to what he was 20 years ago.

His gait and joint pain remained. He felt he was still 62. Or perhaps, a bit more aged on realising the fraud.

Srirangappa then filed a complaint at the Upparpet police station. Police are hunting for the four.