Bengaluru: Doc kills mom, sis; tries to commit suicide

Bengaluru: Doc kills mom, sis; tries to commit suicide

Govind Prakash.

A 48-year-old doctor killed his mother and sister by injecting an high-dosage of insulin and tried to commit suicide in the same manner at their residence in Bengaluru late on Friday night.

The deceased have been identified as Mookambika (75) and her daughter Shyamala (40). Mookambika’s son Dr Govind Prakash has been admitted to a private hospital and is said to be critical, the police said.

The family were staying at Ideal Homes layout in Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

The police suspect that it could be a suicide pact as a suicide note written by Dr Govind states that all three decided to end their lives as they were suffering from migraines and disk prolapse.

The letter also states that no one is responsible for their death.

An overdose of insulin kills a person and it is a very old tactic, said Dr Sharda A, a consultant Endocrinologist at Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru.

“If you inject a high dose of insulin, the sugar level comes down drastically and glucose is required to revive the person. If the person is denied of any glucose, the person’s health deteriorates as the brain requires sugar to function. High dosage of insulin kills the person in minutes,” Dr Sharda added.

The incident came to light on Saturday morning when Dr Govind’s father Subbiah Bhatt saw his wife and daughter lying motionless and his son behaving abnormally.

With help from neighbours, Bhatt rushed his son to a hospital.

The neighbours later informed the police who shifted Mookambika’s and Shyamala’s bodies to Victoria Hospital.

Preliminary investigation has revealed that Dr Govind had stopped medical practice two months ago and was at home taking care of his ailing mother and sister.

Dr Govind was an MD, a general physician and a diabetes specialist, the police said.

Shyamala was a divorcee and though she had graduated in law, she was not practising, the police said.

The Rajarajeshwari Nagar police have considered the incident a case of murder and are awaiting Govind’s recovery to record his statement.

Further investigations are underway.