Dog lovers continue protest against against BBMP's new pet dog licensing rule

Dog lovers continue protest against against BBMP's new pet dog licensing rule

The protest at Cubbon Park

People continued to express their anger against a Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) bylaw that mandates licensing of dogs and puts limits on the number of pets in houses and apartments.

An online campaign by pet lowers gathered thousands of supporters who gathered in Cubbon Park on Sunday to put down their feet against BBMP's new rule. Dog owners and dog lovers came together showing their opposition.

A solidarity meeting was held at the Dog park of Cubbon Park on Sunday where about 600 people participated. The event called  'Show of Solidarity for #NotWithoutMyDog' was jointly organised by Cubbon Park Canines, Knights of Cubbon Bark and animal lovers.

City Mayor R Sampath Raj and officials decided to relook into the order after the social media campaign. An online petition by dog lovers on, which got 23,000 supporters, asked: “BBMP, why to punish responsible pet owners instead of backyard breeders?”

There is also an 'approved' list of 64 breeds, which includes unfamiliar names like Affenpinscher and Bichon Frise, while common breeds like Indie (stray dogs). and Golden Retrievers do not make it to the list.

Mounica Tata, a freelance illustrator and a proud owner of two golden retrievers, said, "My dogs are a part of my family. I have two golden retrievers and both of them do not make it to the list. How can I abandon my babies? Such measures will discourage fosters or dog rescuers. This will only lead to more dogs on streets."

Henry, an IT employee said, "I have five Indie dogs at home and most of them are rescued. A fifth dog came to my house in December. He was abused and thrown out of a moving car and he is still recovering. None of my dogs are permitted to stay if we go by the list. For many old people whose children stay abroad, dogs are the best companions and the rule of one dog per flat takes away the joy from people."