Duo robs gold from women on pretext of polishing it

Duo robs gold from women on pretext of polishing it

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A woman and her daughter-in-law were duped off their gold ornaments worth Rs 80,000 by two men who came to their house in Seshadripuram on the pretext of polishing their jewellery on July 25, 2018.

Savitha and her daughter-in-law Latha (names changed on request) were at their residence on Rishaldhar Street when two men approached them for polishing any bronze, copper, silver wares and gold ornaments at their house.

Savitha initially gave some bronze utensils which the duo cleaned and polished using a powder. Meanwhile, one of the men put the powder on the palms of both the women and mixed it with a solution and insisted they can buy the powder too if they want. “The powder mixture was cold in our hands and we started believing what they were saying,” said Savitha, adding, “It was like as if both of us were drugged.”

The duo then asked them to bring all the gold ornaments, and even asked the earrings Latha was wearing, but she did not remove it. They then asked for a box in which they put a gold chain and a finger-ring mixing it with the powder. The men told the women not to open the box for 10 minutes as the ornaments should get polished properly. They then took the money for polishing and left the house.

The women suspected something amiss and immediately opened the box soon after the men left only to find powder in the box. They rushed outside to chase the men, but they were already gone by then. The women then rushed to Seshadripuram police station and lodged a complaint.