DyCM lets gunman clean kurta, shoes

DyCM lets gunman clean kurta, shoes

Video grab of Deputy chief minister Dr. G Parameswara's gunman cleaning Parameswara's Kurta and Shoe which was became duerty during his Shivajinagar area city rounds visit in Bengaluru on Tuesday.

Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara waded into a controversy by allowing his gunman to remove the dirt on his kurta and shoes during the city inspection tour on Tuesday.

During his visit to Shivajinagar constituency, the minister was inspecting the work on the stormwater drain on Yellamma Koil Street when his kurta was soiled on both sides.

Parameshwara stopped and his gunman immediately fetched a bottle of water and a handkerchief to clean the dirt on his garment. The gunman was seen cleaning Parameshwar’s kurta on both sides and also one of his shoes. He cleaned Parameshwara’s trousers also. 

All the officers waited till the minister’s clothes were cleaned and it was only after the cleaning was done that Parameshwara resumed his

Within minutes, television channels were quick to pick up this controversial video, which went viral.

When asked about this, Parameshwara said that it was not a major issue and that the media was making it out to be an ‘international issue.’

Parameshwara later tweeted: “I work with my team day in and day out and consider them as my extended family. They’re my strength and am hurt by all the talk of my abuse of power to ill-treat them. The help extended to me was spontaneous and not coerced. It should be seen in that light and blown out of proportion.”