Elevated corridor violates law, say activists

Elevated corridor violates law, say activists


The proposed elevated corridor is in violation of several provisions of the law, according to various civic and environmental groups in the city.

A delegation of representatives from various groups met the Member Secretary of SEIAA (State Environmental Impact Assessment Agency) at the MS Building on Saturday.

The delegation cautioned the SEIAA that the elevated corridor project violates several provisions of the law.

“We reposed trust that the state environmental agency will act in public and environmental interest and stand up to political pressure,” the Citizens for Bengaluru (CfB) said in a release. 

The green collective submitted a letter to SEIAA in this regard.

“The elevated corridor project violates the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act and hence cannot be reviewed by SEIAA currently. The elevated corridor project is in violation of the High Court's orders. If the Act was followed, then the present situation would not have arisen,” the letter noted.