Expert cautions users against cyber threats

Expert cautions users against cyber threats

Experts discuss about cyber threat at an event in the city.

If you think you are using the right software and browsing the right website, check again. What you are using on your phone or computer might land you in trouble. That’s how easily we are tricked by hackers.

Explaining how users are fooled and are prone to cyber threats, Manish Kumar, assistant professor, department of computer applications, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology listed out precautions individuals and organisations should take to curb cyber threats.

“We get mails that look authentic. If we open them, our system or phone might infuse the malware. That’s one hackers’ trick. Pop-up screens appear on mobile phones while using some apps. We think that clicking on the ‘X’ would close the pop-up screen, but actually, we are allowing the malware to enter our devices,” explained Manish Kumar.

He also discussed about Stuxnet, a sophisticated malicious computer worm that is believed to be responsible for causing substantial damage to Iran’s nuclear programme. “Like Stuxnet, there are many viruses that get updated themselves via the internet by connecting (HTTP) to two websites (encrypted connection) and harm devices. It, therefore, spreads like a chain,” he added.   “Every organisation that develops a software or an app has a security team that gauges the security threat its customers face. The team leader should hack the systems of the team members and check their efficiency in tackling the problem,” he said.

Individuals should be careful while downloading software and apps, he said. “They should avoid installing pirated versions of the software. Always update the browsers and avoid downloading strange apps on Play Store. Many users take such issues lightly and land in trouble,” he added.